How Your IVC Filter Case Works

The following specific IVC filter models (and manufacturers) have been identified for their complications:

IVC Filter Manufacturers


Recovery Vena Cava Filter
G2 Vena Cava Filter
G2 Express Vena Cava Filter
Denali Vena Cava Filter
Meridian Vena Cava filter
Eclipse Vena Cava Filter


Günther Tulip Vena Cava Filter
Celect Platinum Vena Cava Filter


OptEase Vena Cava Filter


Convertible VenaTech Vena Cava Filter
VenaTech LP Vena Cava Filter


Argon Option Elite Vena Cava Filter


Optional Vena Cava Filter


SafeFlo Vena Cava Filter

Two of the most common IVC filter manufacturers associated with complications and consequently lawsuits are Bard and Cook. You should talk to your healthcare provider to get information about the type of IVC filter you have. Devices left in place longer than the FDA-recommended 54 days present a higher risk for complications.

How does an IVC Lawsuit Case Work? What can a Client Expect?

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An IVC Filter Attorney You Can Trust

If you’ve experienced medical issues or injuries, then you should contact our expert personal injury lawyer, Brian Eberstein, who is reviewing potential lawsuits for issues with IVC filters manufactured by C.R. Bard and Cook Medical.

You can rely on us to devote legal resources to fight for you while you focus on recovering both emotionally and physically from injuries resulting from these defective medical devices.

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