What are Some IVC Filter Complications?

There are several potential issues that may arise, including

● risk of infection and bleeding after the surgical procedure to insert the filter
● formation of blood clots that may travel away from the spot where the catheter was inserted
● the filter may break, loosen or get blocked.

Side effects from the IVC filters after they fail include:

● fracture or migration
● perforation of the heart, lung, vena cava or other tissue
● chest pain or shortness of breath
● ventricle tachycardia, which is a rapid heart rhythm in the lower part of the heart

A Missouri man named Eugene Benzing died as a result from IVC filter complications. Benzing was recovering from bariatric surgery when he began to experience chest pressure, according to a KSHB-­TV report in Kansas City, Mo.

As his wife, Kathleen, helped him from his hospital bed to walk to the bathroom, Mr. Benzing fell and became unconscious. He died minutes later.

Benzing had the Bard Recovery IVC filter implanted before the bariatric surgery.

His autopsy showed the filter had broken away and traveled to his heart.

Do you have an IVC Filter Lawsuit?

Have you had problems related to an IVC filter? These might include: chest pain, shortness of breath, hemorrhage, tear/perforation of the heart, lung, vena cava, or other organ, ventricular tachycardia, cardiac/pericardial tamponade, and DVT blood clots.

Have you been told that your IVC filter is tilted, broken, has migrated, fractured or is irretrievable?

Have you had a revision surgery or procedure to remove or repair the device?

Any of these symptoms or surgery indicate problems with an IVC filter and you could be entitled to compensation from the manufacturers.

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IVC Filter Symptoms & Complications
IVC Filter Symptoms & Complications

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